Todicamp (vial with droplet dispenser) 55ml.

  • Todicamp (vial with droplet dispenser) 55ml.

Ways of using:

- Convenient for home and work, on vacation, have in the car and at the cottage, carrying with them - in a handbag, a jacket pocket;

- Can be used as a universal first aid kit in your pocket;

- With cuts, burns, bruises, pain in the digestive tract, insect bites and snakes;

- It can be applied externally without pre-treatment of a wound or injury; has a powerful antiseptic effect;

- When you bite a snake - moisten any tissue (handkerchief, napkin) and attach it to the affected area;

- Similarly, you can act with bruises, open wounds and burns;

- With pain in the stomach or intestines (drip into the cap (25 - 30 drops and drink). Do not drink water is necessary.

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