Tinctura Todicamp 125 ml.

  • Tinctura Todicamp 125 ml.

"Tinctura Todicamp" is an extract of walnuts of milk ripeness.

Volume of the vial 125 ml. Multifunctional immunotherapeutic phytopreparatum.

Has anti-inflammatory effect.

Used for external and internal use


- At radiculitis, rheumatism, for resorption of infiltrates, with strokes, for wound healing, etc.

- ENT - Diseases: angina, sinusitis, otitis, etc.

- Stomach pains (gastritis, ulcers, benign and malignant tumors), bowel disease, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Inflammatory processes (malignant tumors) are located in the head, lymphatic and blood systems, bones, etc.

Diseases: liver, lung, bronchus, heart, pancreas, kidneys, blood, internal secretion glands, bladder, inflammatory processes in women, etc.

- Can be used as a remedy for thermal burns.

- Can be used for bites of insects and snakes.

On the basis of the tests, it was found that "Tinctura Todicamp" is tolerated by patients without adverse reactions, favorably affects patients who have undergone radiation therapy, which is expressed in preserving the initial level of peripheral blood parameters, the initial level of metabolism.

In addition, "Tinctura Todicamp" has a stabilizing effect on the protective functions of the body, the main indicators remained the same as lymphocytes, the number of which decreases during the course of radiation therapy. To treatment.

At the same time, as a result of treatment without "Tinctura Todicamp", suppression of hematopoietic function, immune status and metabolic disorders.

Tinctura Todicamp does not inhibit the effects of radiation.

How to use the drug "TODICAMP"

Internal use: (for adults)

Take the drug is recommended for 30 minutes. before eating, 1 - 3 times a day.

We start with 3 - 5 drops, increasing each day a dose of 2 - 3 drops, bring a single dose to 25 drops = 1sm3.

In cases where there is a severe form of oncological diseases - the dose can be increased to 50 drops.

In the event that in the process of reception begin to manifest: nausea and mild dizziness, - reduce the dose!

It is not necessary to try to fill in the medicine as much as possible!

The body must make it "work out"!

When taking the drug, during the first 5 - 7 days, fever, blistering is possible.

The duration of the course depends on the forms, the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics!

Normal, recommended course of admission: 4 weeks receptions, a break of 5-7 days and continuation.

Repeat these actions 3 - 6 times.

In the case when a break is made and the patient's condition worsens, stop taking the drug should not be.

From the practice it is known that if the drug was used even for half a year without a break and at a maximum dose, then the patient was not observed any negative consequences.

A break in taking the drug, it is desirable to do for the purpose, so that there was no adaptation to him, in addition, the process of recovery - is a burden for the whole body! It is therefore desirable: seriously and in no hurry to take the treatment! Attempt to take medicine as much as possible and to heal faster, does not lead to the desired positive result!

Seduction (with female diseases).

25 drops of the drug "Todicamp" -1 sm3, add a syringe to the syringe, add a glass of boiled water; Seduction can be performed both in the morning and in the evening. After dipping, if there is no severe burning, it is not necessary to rinse with water. In the case of intolerant reaction (severe burning), it should be swept up with warm boiled water. If necessary, repeat every day.

Micro-enema (used for intestinal diseases).

Perform the same way as a dip. Pre-clean the enema (recommended). Rinse with water after the procedure is not required.

Methods of external application.

WARNING! Avoid falling into the upper and lower eyelids! Causes unpleasant burning! In case of contact, rinse with warm water.

1. Lubrication. It is used for burns, strokes, acne, colds etc.

2. Bursting. Used for joint disease, spasms, limitation and inflammation of the muscles, strokes, stretches; At a cold you can rub your neck, chest, back, nose, forehead, whiskey.

3. Compress. It is used for diseases of joints, soft tissues and internal organs (urolithiasis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, cirrhosis, hepatitis etc.).

Method of preparation of compress.

1. To prepare the compress, it is necessary to have: Marl or bandage, waxed or compress paper, adhesive plaster, elastic band, bandage or warm wrapping scarf.

2. On a pure gauze or bandage made up of 2 to 4 layers, apply the preparation so that it is light! moisten the cloth. Strongly do not need !!!

3. Apply a damp cloth to the patient's seat, cover the top with a compress paper of a size such that it extends beyond the gauze to 2-3 centimeters. The corners of the paper should be fixed to the body with bits of adhesive plaster so that there is no shear. On top of the dress, fix the elastic belt or tie it with a scarf.

Try to ensure that when placing gauze on the body, the tissue is located Exposure (time for compress) - depending on the degree of sensitivity of the skin, the need for other individual factors can be from 30 minutes to several hours.

Before using the drug it is advisable to consult individually!

Internal use: (for children)

The drug can be used for infants in order to prevent infectious and other diseases!

"Todicamp" has the ability to increase the grip between cells of the body in 2.5-3 times, which is reflected positively on the properties of immunity in children. Due to these properties of the drug, children are less ill.

Very good results give grease gums to children in the period when teeth are cut. At the same time, children do not feel any discomfort, there is no characteristic pain and temperature. The medicine is applied to the denture in the preparation with a fingertip with a slight rubbing of the gums. During the day, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated 3-4 times. Before brushing it is necessary to wash hands with soap!

For internal use of the drug, it is convenient to use a pipette with a blunt tip (eye). For infants it is enough to dial about 1 cm. In the volume of the pipette and enter into the cavity between the cheek and gums. Keep the baby upright and wait until the baby is normally swallowing the drug. Do not hurry! Getting the drug into the respiratory tract causes coughing! Be attentive!

Older children up to 12 years old, it is recommended to give a dose of no more than 1-13 drops in one treatment!

Methods of external use (for children).

Used for diseases: angina, inflammation of the lungs, blows, thermal burns, blades, cuts, etc.

Grindyskami skin surface only grease without rubbing, as the skin is very sensitive and tender. Only lubricate!

Children from 3 years old and up can make rubbish.

It is very effective to grind feet in children. This procedure can be performed for any age! After rubbing it is good to wear natural socks. Such rubbing is best done before putting the child in bed.

It is good at a chill to rub slightly back and breasts. Lubricate the throat on the outside, with diseases of the ears, the temporal and abdominal space behind the ear and the area of ​​the Eustachian tube (the canal between the ear and the back of the pharynx) is lubricated.

        On the basis of the tests, it was found that "Todicamp" is tolerated by patients without adverse reactions, favorably affects patients who have undergone radiation therapy, which is expressed in maintaining the original level of peripheral blood parameters, the baseline metabolic rate. In addition, Todicamp has a stabilizing effect on the protective functions of the body.The main indicators remained the same as before treatment, including lymphocytes, the amount of which decreases during the course of radiotherapy.At the same time, as a result of treatment without " Todicamp ", the inhibition of hematopoietic function, immune status and metabolic abnormalities comes in. Todicamp does not prevent the effects of radiation.

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