The beginning of the disease is infringement of the spirit!
Without purification of the soul, without spiritual nourishment-human organism can not stand it for long! There are so many factors affecting the state of the human body!
In medical Orthodox literature, three types of human diseases are indicated: Bodily. Soulful. Spiritual.
This "trinity" is closely connected with each other! Just like our body, consisting of different organs and members is one body, so the body of the soul and spirit is one person of a viable and full!
In case of violation of one of the components, a person becomes "sick".
Ideology and morality (religion), directly affect life.
Hence the habits and traditions, customs and rules of conduct.

Educated and reserved will try not to abuse anything.

Unskilled - does not see anything "bad" in joining in unmarried relationships or overeating, reveling and treating without shame another's wife or husband.

Our consciousness is one of the mechanisms in our life activity. As we know and do! But ignorance does not free ... And then we begin to "ache"!
Suffer, weep, broken sleep, appetite, nervous, scream at children, wife, husband.
Not knowing the correct way out of the situation and to whom to turn for the right advice - we light, drink, swallow the "wheels", we are rummaging, we jump from the roofs, hang ourselves, we are etched.

We are accustomed to the fact that every device, instrument or product has instruction manual and preventive maintenance. And we treat this normally! And such a creature, incomprehensible to the human mind, as a Man, with all his abilities, talent, and intellect, is "smeared and dressed" with lard, pickled cucumber, vodka, nicotine etc.

In the "Instruction" to human life it is written: "Be like children!"

This phrase can be arbitrarily, in any spirit, interpreted, but I apply it in practice this way: Everything that can not be given to a child for food and drink can not be an adult!
Are different organs in children and adults?
Ignorance! That's the main factor that does not let an adult child understand! Insensitivity and the hardened soul of the "adult", sometimes uncontrollable from either side, or the indifference of others - "educates as it should!", Indicates to others what to do and how to "live right"!

The spirit in the human body is a very complex living energy, which has its own qualities and influences the character and actions of man! Violations in this "structure" in the beginning are not visible. The state of mind is influenced by our behavior, words when dealing with people and God. If we change the process of restoring our spirit, then the spirit also changes. With a change in the spirit, there are changes in other "components" of Man! He turns out of the soulful and affectionate, balanced and always restrained turns into a "different"! And we say that we do not recognize him! He "became another".
This "other" begins to change habits, mood, and even food and drink! He begins to like completely different and others !, rather than earlier!

Here are the "signs" in the change of Man.
All these changes with "success" are inherited. With each generation more and more! If it's not right to correct - then this kind or family - degenerate! They either get sick and die, or simply no children!
Infertility! Why?
The spiritual component controls the processes in the body of any person! If there is no full restoration and purification of the spirit, there is assurance of extinction!
Therefore sectarian doctrines are so dangerous! "Sectum" - in translation - part (something). Also, the actions of the schismatics: there is an external, and the "internal" is completely absent!

In the "Instructions to the Man" it is written: "When the blind man leads the blind, they both fall into the pit!"
What to do? Study the "Instruction"! The law of God is called!
There is something that people do not even know about!
For example: The fifth commandment says about respect for parents ,! It is also written that the one who observes this, he will live long and safely! So that's it! Longevity is not only your own life!
"On the spiritual, it is necessary to judge spiritually!"

These are the descendants! That is: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.
Now, not to be unfounded, is a case from practice!
A young man, married for seven years, had no children! For some strange reason, it's difficult even for him to approach his wife!
Everyone analyzes as far as his mind goes.
When "disassembling the case," it turned out that he did not go to the grave to the deceased mother, because he did not see "any sense" in it for himself!
After the clarification, he left. Re-arrived, already with his wife and said: I thought! I am wrong!!! I will do everything as expected!
After they left. Then - call on the phone: You know! My wife has become pregnant! ... Many years have passed since then. Growing girl! Thank God!

In the case of one guy, there were complaints about the lack of "male power".

He is young, up to 25 years. When they began to "disassemble" his "case," it turned out that he lives in an apartment with his mother and father. Parents are divorced. Mother was very negative about her ex-husband and this showed her son a negative example! As a result: - The son did not take his father as expected and treated him disrespectfully, with disdain and insult!

In the light of the previously mentioned (above) commandment about parents, one can see the following: denial of respect and perception of one's own father, leads to a "mirror" situation! Namely: rejecting yourself as a possible father! Naturally, whoever does not "want" to accept his father, he (unintentionally) rejects himself as a father.

Therefore, "some functions of organs" - disappear!

How to fix? Elementary! Recognize (violation of the commandment is called sin), their sin, confess, apologize and do not repeat! The Word has great power!

There are other causes of human disease! They contribute to bringing a person to God to the Church! Often, in this, (adults) help children's diseases. Because of the complex and sometimes incurable diseases of children, after numerous attempts to contact various medical institutions and desperate, parents finally go to the Church for help, start talking with priests, attend services, read-off (with blessing !!!), etc. what was in oblivion, and led to the destruction of the integrity of the body!

The following cases! Confusion of reason!

Replacement of spiritual truth, by all kinds of modern substitutes for false teachings, leads the human mind into a catastrophic state! People get frustrated with consciousness! They "lick" into such states of the human mind, to which their consciousness is not ready! Sometimes it's not that someone "sees", but that his unprepared consciousness can not identify and understand what is happening! To know for yourself, to explain! In this case, there is a "failure" in the mind! Development, in the future, can lead to severe forms of mental disorder!

In Church practice, mentoring has been widely used since ancient times! The experience of the elders, saves the young. Young people are always "attached" to spiritual guides, and without their blessing they do not do anything at their discretion. This saves them from the "delights of the spiritual."

The word charm means a person's state! It can be different visions, the thought that he is the Messiah, various glows of surrounding objects, sudden "gifts" that allow "seeing" and "hearing"; and very much more!

All this - leads to a breakdown of the nervous system!

Sometimes the distorted religion leads to different forms of fanaticism! It's scary to say that they start to "create" in such cases!

Instead of learning to be kind and sympathetic, respectful, they start - just after reading a few lines, immediately subject to merciless condemnation of other people!

Not only do they harm themselves, they also push others away from knowledge!

But life without the "foundations of life" is like driving in a car without the ability to drive a car and ignorance of traffic rules!

In order to avoid falling into "emergency situations" in our life, it is good to have a mentor who leads us through this life!

He, with (timely) conversion, will indicate the righteous path and the right way, tested, weighed!

Where to look? - All the same! With God! In the church and monasteries! Pray for a mentor, ask him for yourself!

God help you!

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