"... only one criterion of scientific character in medicine is known: the ability to heal a patient.

That doctor, who does not know how, and hides his inability for ranting on behalf of science - that's just a chatterbox. "

Prof. James Tyler Kent.


It has been more than 90 years since the birth of the usual "unusual person" - Todik Mikhail Petrovich!

Over 40 years ago, by chance, he had to become the "progenitor" of a tool called TODICAMP.

After many years, history became overgrown with "fables", gossip and speculation!

Numerous "nephews and nieces", "heirs" to whom he allegedly handed over the recipe - literally as weeds "sowed" the expanses of the former Union! In pursuit of money, often without feeling embarrassed by anyone and nothing, these people enjoy the desperate state of relatives of sick people, the lack of effective and inexpensive drugs, the lack of information, rumors - profit from grief and suffering, giving out for panacea, made on their own view "medicated means".

Only recently, a law on traditional medicine appeared on the territories of several states! The medicine and means that the people have always used, at home, from what has always been at hand, is now not an "extraordinary event"!

At present, Mikhail Petrovich's good deed continues!


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